Detection limit < 1 pptv

Mass range: 1-512 amu

Sensitivity (Benzene) > 300 cps/ppbv

The High-Sensitivity PTR-QMS 500 is our premium PTR-QMS series product featuring an outstandingly low online detection limit. Precise real-time quantification of VOCs without any sample preparation and proven reliability makes the High-Sensitivity PTR-MS the preferred choice if it comes to PTR-MS.

PTR-HS 500

Compact online VOC detector - detection limit < 50 pptv

Provides online real-time VOC monitoring, small dimensions and low weight one-button simplicity.  Accurate quantitative measurement that is fast with direct sample injection.


PTR-QMS Series

The PTR-MS series is based on quadrupole mass spectrometry and is now available with a market-leading detection limit < 1 pptv. The IONICON PTR-QMS series sensitivity is setting the industry's benchmark for more than a decade.

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