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Environmental Research

Quantify VOC emission in real-time no matter when or where. PTR-MS offers pptv-level sensitivity and is a robust tool, used on flight campaigns, metropolitan pollution studies and tropospheric VOC studies all over the world

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PTR-MS Applications

Application Examples and showcases of PTR-MS

Our solutions have become a standard in atmospheric chemistry, environmental & biological research, food & flavor science and for trace gas analysis in many application fields. Discover what our customers aim for when using our products.

Flux Measurement of BVOCs

The ultra-fast analysis capabilities of IONICON PTR-TOF instruments are essential for eddy covariance flux measurements, allowing the study of deposition and emission rates of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOCs).

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Biological Research

Experience the real-time advantage of direct sampling and get immediate results from biogenic VOC releases in nature, measure leaf wounding compounds and other biological processes

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Food, Flavor and Fragrance Science

We taste aroma and flavors in real-time, and so should the instrument you use for dynamic headspace analysis and aroma release profiling. PTR-MS does and is capable of far more than simple electronic noses.

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Indoor Air Quality

PTR-MS can quantify harmful VOCs causing the so called "Sick Building Syndrome" in  offices, public buildings and even public transport (e.g. aircraft cabin or car). It delivers immediate results so you can evaluate indoor air quality of the air you breath.

Petrochemical Applications

Monitoring of syngas and other gas processes for safety, quality assurance and process optimization.


Monitoring exhaust gas from combustion engines, emitting a large number of different compounds and with rapidly changing concentrations, necessitates an instrument that measures in real-time and with high sensitivity – an IONICON PTR-TOFMS.


PTR-MS systems can be used to gather highly relevant process related information in biopharmaceutical fermentations from analyzing volatile metabolites in the fermenters off-gas.

  Medical Applications

  PTR-MS are powerful tools for non-invasive, real-time breath gas       analysis with many applications, such as screening for disease markers,   study of pharmacokinetics and metabolic processes.

   Security and Safety

  Unique features of our technology make IONICON PTR-MS         instruments the ideal tool for illicit substances detection like chemical   warfare agents (CWA), toxic industrial compounds (TIC) and explosives.